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Shampoo Bar Holder

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Does your shampoo bar: 

  • Leave your bathroom messy?
  • Easily break into pieces?
  • Become soggy?
  • Quickly melt when in contact with water?
  • Get used up too quickly?

We solved it! 

Meet our revolutionary shampoo bar holder. 

What is so special about it? 

✔️ Maximizes Usage: no more shampoo bars broken into pieces. The holder allows us to use the shampoo until the very last lather without creating a mess in the bathroom. 

✔️ Protective Function: Keep your shampoo bar clean, dry, and protected from water with the convenient lid feature of our holder. Say goodbye to soggy, mushy bars. 

✔️ Perfect for Travel: Enjoy the convenience of bringing your shampoo bar wherever you go, mess-free!  

🌱 Environmentally Conscious: Our shampoo bar case holder is made of 100% recycled plastics. 


How to use: 

Wet the shampoo bar and place it on the narrower side of the platform, ensuring alignment with the platform's edges. Allow it to air dry for a minimum of 30 minutes; this helps it adhere securely. 

Once the shampoo is fully adhered simply apply it onto your hair together with the platform attached. The platform should remain coupled with the shampoo until it's fully consumed. 

Between uses, securely seal the bar with the provided lid to maintain freshness and keep your bathroom clean and tidy. 

Material: 100% recycled PETG

    Shampoo Bar Holder

    The products and its manufacturing process are free from:

    ethylene oxide,
    synthetic fragrance,
    quaternary ammonium compounds,
    mineral oils,


    • Sustainable ingredients

      We choose COSMOS certified ingredients and only organic oils. All products are COSMOS Organic certified.

    • pH levels

      Our products prioritize safety and performance, with careful attention to pH levels.

    • Funcitonal actives

      We ensure functionality of our products by thoughtful selection of active ingredients.

    • Vegan

      We neither use animal-derived ingredients nor conduct animal testing.